Fort Smith Business Offering Free Tax Services

FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) — Tax season is among us and the IRS is back open for business.

Government workers are busy processing tax returns and issuing refunds after the longest government shutdown in history.

Filing taxes can cost you quite a bit, but there's an option making it cheaper for some taxpayers in the River Valley.

Workers and volunteers at RSVP in Fort Smith will help you for free.

To qualify for services you must make less than $54,000. The exception to that rule is if you or your spouse is 60-years-old and up or if you are an active duty military personnel.

"We will prepare federal and state returns for you, can't do one or the other gotta do them both and then we will electronically file them and we do it all for free," said Susan Reehl, RSVP Executive Program Director.  "All of these volunteers have been trained and have been tested by the IRS and they have all tested through the advanced levels so they are ready to provide some good quality assistance."

RSVP has been offering free tax services for 13 years.

From now until the end of February people can come in six days a week, Monday through Friday, starting at 9 a.m.

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