Special Season Brewing In Roland

ROLAND (KFSM) - The Roland boys know how the rest of the state feels about them.

"People want to beat us, you know, they see the undefeated mark, they kind of think, oh, these guys think they’re all that, but i don’t really think it’s like that," says senior Chase Pyeatt. "We just go out there and play ball, it just happens to be that we’re undefeated."

"I think that’s definitely a motivating factor, I could see where, if the tides were turned, and we were playing an undefeated team, it would sure be nice to put that first loss on ‘em," laughs longtime coach Eddie Lewis.

But that’s easier said then done. The Rangers are 19-0, but they’re not thinking too hard about the streak.

"I knew we were undefeated, like it was in the back of my head, but it wasn’t really a main thing to me, I didn’t care if we went undefeated," admits Pyeatt.

"We just come out and do our best, and the win streak comes," agrees senior Braxton Shook.

The senior class has bigger goals than a perfect regular season, says Pyeatt.

"Go out there and get a gold ball and just bring it back for Coach Lewis, for, for my teammates, my family, the community, all the little kids to show them that it’s possible, that with enough hard work you can go out there and make something happen."

Senior Guard Hayden Riggs sees something bigger at work.

"This is a situation where we could be, like, one of the best teams to ever come through Roland, and we have a chance to actually be something."

That legacy is big for this group.

"Whenever we take our last couple steps off the court, I’d like to be able to say we gave it our all," says Pyeatt.

Shook echoes that sentiment.

"I want them to remember how hard we worked, and what difficulty we faced, that we pushed forward and did our best each game."

And Riggs wants to chance some perceptions.

"We are a little school in a way, but don’t doubt us."

The Rangers have just four games left in the regular season, starting Friday against arch-rival Muldrow.

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