How To Protect Your Furry Friends During The Winter Season

(KFSM) — The extremely cold weather this time of the year isn't only dangerous for people, it can also be brutal for pets.

Long-term exposure to the freezing temperatures can leave pets with frostbite, chapped paws and itchy, flaking skin.

Spending extended periods of time in the cold air and chilly rain, sleet and snow can also lead to mental conditions like depression.

"If dogs are outside in this type of weather, the things that we really have to worry about is the water because people will look at the water bowls and see that it's full but is frozen and dogs can't drink ice that`s why we see dogs dehydrate this time of year because no one is checking to see if the water is drinkable," said Veterinarian Dr. John Remer.

You should also wipe your pets' paws off when they come indoors anytime roads and sidewalks are being treated. This will prevent them from licking and ingesting potentially dangerous chemicals.

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