Little Rock High School Facing Dress Code Controversy

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KFSM) — A Little Rock High School student is taking to social media to try and get the dress code changed.

Last week, a Parkview senior discovered the consequences of violating the school dress code after but her friend got in trouble for wearing a plaid skirt.

The school said the skirt violated dress code and would not allow her to present her project until she changed.

The students then decided to conduct an experiment. Another student showed up to school the next day wearing the exact same skirt and did not receive a dress code violation.

She has since started the Instagram page "Pass the Skirt."

"I started getting messages not only from people in my district but from other districts in Arkansas, all around Arkansas and then all around the nation," said Senior Laura Orsi. "Today I got messages from Britain, Singapore, Canada and Hungary. I am not supporting girls going to school dressing super scandalously or something like that, but what I want to support is something that can be applied to all people equally."

Parkview principal Randy Rutherford responded to Orsi's request and sent home a message to parents saying in part:

"We do respect student voices and welcome them to participate in, and contribute ideas to propose changes to the student handbook committee this spring."

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