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Charleston Twins Competitive Nature Originates On The Court

CHARLESTON (KFSM) - Whether you're watching a boys or girls game at Charleston High School, there's a good chance there's someone with the last name Green sinking bucket after bucket.

"They thrive off of each other," mentioned boys coach B.J. Ross.

With a set of twins, everything becomes a competition.

"She's smarter in school so I'd use her in my schoolwork," senior guard Jacob laughed. "She helps me a ton. And board games. Really anything. Who has the most likes on an Instagram post kind of thing."

But the stem of that competitive nature roots on the court. From back in the day,

"We have kind of a gym in our backyard and we play against each other and I'd have to figure out," senior guard Alli remembered. "He'd block me nine times out of ten."

"Sometimes we didn't like each other when we played basketball, but we always pushed each other to get better and better each day," Jacob added.

Until now.

"Our boys they kinda rib Jacob quite a bit cause Alli may go off one night and they go 'oh Alli's a better shooter than you are' or 'Alli's this.' We give Jacob a lot about it," Coach Ross laughed.

"We've scrimmaged the boys in the past and those two go at it against each other just like they're brothers going at each other," girls coach Jason Rucker added. "Alli does not back down from him and he's taking it right at her."

As the competitive juices flow, the support is even stronger.

"I can hear him sometimes cheering me on and hopefully he can hear me," Alli said. "We're always wanting each other to play well and do better, but we also challenge each other and say hey you need to do this better."

"Just being able to go in late at night and be like oh she's out here so I need to push myself to do better because I don't want her to outshine me," Jacob concluded. "It's helped us push each other."

From backyard ball to a varsity team, the twins have rooted each other on every step of the way. 

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