Smoke From Bella Vista Stump Dump Fire Causing Some Residents To Move

BELLA VISTA, Ark. (KFSM) — Some families in Bella Vista are so fed up with the smoke from the smoldering stump dump fire that they are choosing to move out.

After months of their homes being engulfed with smoke and fumes from the fire, some residents can't deal with it any longer.

The fire has been burning since July and is leaving residents without a lot of hope.

Amber Goin used to live close to the stump dump says she felt it was important for her family's health and well-being to get away from the grounds and she hopes others will do the same.

"A lot of people would really be able to have a better quality of life if they were able to get away while this thing is being remediated," said Goin.

Out of fear of backlash in the community, one neighbor asked to not be shown on camera but felt her voice still needed to be heard.

"My biggest hope is that people would quit talking about doing things and saying that they are going to do it and actually start doing it," said the anonymous resident.

She says after moving out of her home she renovated with her husband to retire in, she is just trying to be grateful she had somewhere to go.

"I feel blessed that I have an RV because other people don't they just have to live in it and I feel blessed that I don't have any children at home because I worry enough about myself getting sick I can't imagine if I was worried about a child," said the anonymous resident.

Goin's, whose children recently developed asthma, says she is going to stay far away until everything is cleared. She fears that once it is, her investment might lose value.

"We would like to hope that when this fire is remediated that our property values and homes will be worth what they are worth without this fire," said Goin.

Both of these residents say they know of about 15 other people who have left their homes and more who wish they could, but just don't have the means to.

It's now up to the government to roll out its plan for cleaning up the stump dump. The EPA continues to monitor air quality to make sure it's safe for people to live there.

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