It’s Official: Hell Has Frozen Over — Hell, Michigan, That Is

HELL, Mich. (CNN) — It’s official: Hell has frozen over.

Hell, Michigan, that is.

The small town is located about 15 miles northeast of Ann Arbor.

Our CNN affiliate, WDIV, sent reporter Jason Colthorp straight to Hell to see just how cold the day was in Hell on Wednesday. With temperatures ranging from near zero for the high and -13 degrees for the low, it was definitely a cold day in Hell.

With many businesses shut down, a lone resident braved the outdoors near one of the lakes which was, like the rest of Hell, frozen over.

“I call myself the groundskeeper in Hell,” said Jerry Duffie. He said he wasn’t surprised that no one was out ice fishing on Wednesday — a common past-time there — given the frigid temperatures and wind chills. “It’s a brutal day in Hell.”

The next stop was Hell’s only emergency warming center, the Hell Saloon. It’s apparently doing well despite the cold.

“We, in the last week, have seen an influx of people due to bad weather, people showing up on snowmobiles,” said Erik Kauser, the saloon’s manager.

The regular visitors there have heard all the jokes and phrases. The saloon even makes light of it.

“Our WiFi password is ‘go to hell,'” said one of the employees there. “So when people ask, ‘what’s your wifi?’ …’go to hell.’ Until a kid asks you, and you’re like…’g-o-t-o…'” she laughs.

“We love it down here,” Kauser said. “We feel like we’ve got our own little slice of Hell.”

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