Huntsville And St. Paul Schools Cancel Monday Classes Due To Mass Amount Of Sickness

HUNTSVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — Huntsville and St. Paul schools will be closed on Monday, Feb. 4 due to a mass amount of sickness throughout the district.

The school says there has been an excessive amount of students absent in all schools. They say employees are battling sicknesses as well.

Misty Bryant is a parent who works near the school and has three kids in the district. She says many parents are scrambling to find child care.

"Yeah, there was quite a few that came in today that was kind of concerned with what to do," said Bryant.

Melanie Moore has no choice but to take her granddaughter to work with her.

"Of course Monday I have an important meeting that I will have to take her with me, so yeah I mean it's going to effect a lot of parents, and a lot of grandparents,' said Moore.

Moore says she hopes more people consider taking their kids to get a flu shot on their day off.

"If they did make it a priority to get their kids the flu shot, this would not be taking place right now," said Moore.

Bryant says she plans to get her kids vaccinated as soon as possible.

"They have not had the flu shot or anything so now I'm kind of worried," said Bryant.

The school says it will be an AMI day, meaning it will not have to be made up.

"We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; however, in the best interest of our students and employees, classes will not be held Monday," said officials.

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