Busy Day For Food Delivery Services

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) --  The day of the Super Bowl for fans normally revolves around football, food and friends. Food delivery services are making having the perfect appetizer at your watch party easier.

Food delivery apps in the area off food delivery with the click of a button.

Justin Dickson, Operations Manager for Waitr Northwest Arkansas, said their app can make everybody happy on Super Bowl Sunday.

"Everybody gets what they want," Dickson said. "Typically Super Bowl parties in the past everybody is making a dish and then bringing it to the party themselves... With Waitr we can eliminate all of that."

Waitr drivers geared up for a big day of their own Sunday... The Super Bowl of delivery days. One driver said she and over 100 other drivers anticipated receiving over 1,000 orders.

"Today will be a very hectic day," said Waitr Driver Kasi Miller. "We will have lots of orders. I have my extra bag in the trunk just in case I'm going to need it because I probably will."

Miller has driven for the company for a few months and she said the process is super streamline.

"Whenever we accept the order we go to the restaurant," Miller said. "We have a timer that clicks down and until zero and we have that amount of time to pick up the order. After that we deliver the order to the individuals house."

Miller said the connivence is key when it comes to food and that's why people enjoy using the Waitr app.

"It makes days like today easier for people because they don't have to leave their house," Miller said. "In the comfort of their own home they can just chill on their couch and order food during commercials and get it delivered right to them."

Food delivery apps like Waitr offer food from over 200 restaurants across Northwest Arkansas. Super Bowl fans took advantage of that Sunday which led to a good pay check for delivery drivers like Kasi Miller.

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