Vandalism Of Little Flock Police Cruiser Being Investigated

LITTLE FLOCK (KFSM) — Police are working to figure out who vandalized one of their cars overnight (Feb. 4).

Investigators say derogatory phrases were spray painted on a Little Flock police cruiser parked in an officer's driveway in Rogers.

Since the vandalism happened outside of the Little Flock Police Department's jurisdiction, the Rogers Police Department is handling the case.

Vandals spray-painted on the hood, side door and the trunk of the car terms like "PIG" and "18th Street West Side."

Investigators told 5NEWS they are unsure if it is gang-related, but say it could be a possibility.

Little Flock Police are getting estimates on what the cost will be to clean up the vehicle on Tuesday (Feb. 5), but say it is going to be pretty expensive.

"They brought the vehicle up here, and I guess some pictures were taken along the way by civilian,s but we do a full report filed through Rogers. Based on some of the spelling, we believe it was probably some youth because some of the words that were spelled on the car were spelled wrong," Adam Holiday with the Little Flock Police Department said.

Officers told 5NEWS that they have seen this type of vandalism happen to civilian cars in Little Flock, but this is the first time they've seen it happen to a patrol vehicle.

Police say there are no suspects for the vandalism at this time.

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