Car Wrecks, Lodges Into Bentonville Recreational Vehicle ‘Like A Bullet’

BENTONVILLE (KFSM) —Bentonville Police were called to an address late Monday night on a report of a car that had wrecked into a recreational vehicle.

The car, a Honda Accord, had wrecked into an RV parked at Northwest 6th Street and Bella Vista Road. Police said the vehicle had been traveling at a high rate of speed. Wreckage at the scene showed where the car had been embedded in the RV.

A neighbor, Charles Swain, told 5NEWS that they heard tires screech and the sound of the impact and immediately called 911.

"As I came out and crossed the street, the vehicle was in the motor home, there was some smoke coming out," he said.

"Two young men came out and then sat down, I approached them and asked them if they were OK," Swain said. "One had a cut above his eye, and he said 'yes.'"

Swain said he advised the men to move away from the road while they waited for the police. One of the men, the passenger, said he felt like he needed an ambulance, but the driver didn't, Swain said.

"It was just the sound of a car attempted to make the curb. It didn't sound like a car slamming on the brakes," Swain said.

Another witness told 5NEWS the car was "6' off the ground lodged into the side of the motor home like a bullet."

An ambulance was called to the scene, and the driver and passenger were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Stay with 5NEWS for this developing story.

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