Rogers Walmart Conducting Pilot Test Of Electronic Shelf Labels, LED Strips

Photo Courtesy of Talk Business & Politics

(TB&P) — Consumers who purchase cereal at the Walmart Supercenter on Walnut Street in Rogers will see a new iteration of electronic shelf labels (ESL) that make price adjustments automatically as dictated by store management. It is one of two digital shelf label technologies being tested by the retail giant in Northwest Arkansas.

At Walmart Supercenter on Pleasant Grove Road in Rogers, the bread and baked goods aisle also has digital shelf labels that look more like the paper version.


Walmart said this is a small test in concert with help from an outside partner. Walmart officials told Talk Business & Politics the company is testing two different types of shelf labels for the same concept which is to see if electronic shelf labels can be controlled through programming as quickly as price changes. The Pleasant Grove Road Supercenter is testing the electronic shelf labels to see if it saves time for employees and can provide accurate, real-time pricing for customers.


“In an ideal environment, ESLs would communicate with other technologies in the store,” Walmart corporate spokesman Ragan Dickens said.

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