Bella Vista Fire Department Saves Cat From House Fire

BELLA VISTA, Ark. (KFSM) — When a Bella Vista Home went up in flames on Friday (Feb. 8) no one was home, except a cat. Fast action from Bella Vista first responders helped save its life.

Misty may have used one of her nine lives, but now she's on the road to recovery.

After being trapped in the burning home crews immediately gave Misty oxygen when they discovered her.

"Our guys found the cat underneath the bed in the bedroom and it was pretty lifeless. It wasn't doing great," Cassi Lapp, the Bella Vista Communications Director, told 5NEWS.

She soon began to show signs of life after receiving oxygen.

She was covered head to toe in ashes and brought to Village Pet Hospital in Bella Vista by her owners where Dr. Arnold and his staff helped save the cats life.

"I called Heather, our nurse, I said "Heather, we need to get this kitty cat some treatment immediately," Dr. Arnold said.

He says when Misty's owners arrived at the hospital their cat was their number one concern.

"I think her concern was more for her cat than it was for herself and her house, and we deal with that a lot here."

After a few hours of oxygen treatment and medication, Misty is now stable and reunited with her family.

"It's looking good we are going to send it home and hopefully everything will turn out great."

Crews at the Bella Vista Fire Department say they are grateful they were able to help save Misty's life.

"Pets are part of our families, so it is really great when our guys get to do that for people who have lost their home but they can still save their animal," Lapp said.

Firefighters say they aren't sure the house can be saved after the fire.

Other pets were found inside the home but they haven't been found at this time.

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