‘Call For Backup’ Teaches Warning Signs Of Suicide

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(KFSM) — Public safety is a difficult profession that can lead to mental health struggles, and those struggles can be left untreated.

A study shows more police officers and firefighters die by suicide than in the line of duty.

On Friday (Feb. 8) Hackett Police Chief Darrell Spells held a class in the Greenwood Police Department called "Call for Backup," to teach first responders how to cope and listen for warning signs of suicide from their co-workers and law enforcement officers.

Spells is one of the organizers and says they want to end this ongoing stigma with law enforcement.

"There is a stigma associated with mental health among first responders not to seek out help because of their position, we want to end that stigma and tell them it's okay to seek help if you need it," Spells said.

Around 25 people showed up for training and they are looking to bring the class to more parts of law enforcement in our area.

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