Fort Smith Marathon Forecast

Whether you’re running in the Fort Smith Marathon tomorrow, or you’ll be cheering someone on, make sure you dress for the weather. It will be cold with rain throughout the morning.

Here’s the hour-by-hour forecast for Fort Smith on Sunday:


Temperatures will be near freezing. Winds from the east will cause a slight wind chill. Spotty rain showers will be hit-or-miss early on. A few roads, along with bridges/overpasses, may be slick early on.


Temperatures will slowly begin to rise into the mid 30s, but the wind chill remains a factor. With warming temperatures, slick roads will no longer be a concern.


It’ll still remain cold and with a slight breeze. Rain coverage may increase by late morning.


Temperatures will begin to near 40 degrees, but the wind chill will still feel near freezing. Rain (liquid) continues to fall through early afternoon. It will still feel like a very cold rain hitting your face.

Waterproof clothes and layers might be your best option for tomorrow’s weather.


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