Jalei Oglesby Continues to Rewrite Oklahoma Record Books

HOWE, Okla. (KFSM)--Jalei Oglesby is one of the leading scorers in Oklahoma state history. Lady Lion coach Chris Brown realized that potential pretty early on.

"Her eighth grade year we were playing in the county final and she scored 40 points in less than three quarters. And we went on to win the county tournament," Brown recalled.

"It's pretty cool because I worked so hard for this, so really it feels like it's all paying off," said Oglesby. "Getting these rebounds and these points."

As of Sunday February 10, Oglesby is fourth in Oklahoma girls basketball (5 on 5) history with 2,756 points. But believe it or not, she's not even the school's all-time leading scorer.

"Stephanie McGhee. I strive to go after some of her records," explained Oglesby.

McGhee played for both Howe and Pocola, scoring 3,376 points in the early 2000s, good for second in state history. Oglesby is on the cusp of moving to third place, but isn't thinking about the scoring record.

"I told her I was gonna challenge her," Brown said. "I wanted her to rebound more and she said 'I'm gonna average a double double'. Well she was only averaging about 7 rebounds a game, 6.8 rebounds a game actually. So that was a pretty significant jump. And she averaged 10.6 rebounds a game."

"When I started this season off, I didn't even know about the 1,000 rebounds. But now that I know about it that's what I'm striving to get," added Oglesby.

"She's over 900 now which is an amazing thing for a guard to do," Brown said.

Oglesby could become the fourth player in state history to score over 2,500 points and grab at least 1,000 rebounds for her career.Former Lady Lion McGhee is one of the current three to hold that mark.

The senior has amassed 968 rebounds. And the thing about it is, Oglesby rarely plays a full 32 minutes.

"She has definitely not padded her stats by playing in the fourth quarter of a game in which we're 30 or 40 points ahead. That's not going to happen," Brown declared.

For example, in a big win over Quinton in early February, Oglesby had an effortless 35 points and 9 rebounds in what amounted to 2.5 quarters of playing time. The other amazing part is that Oglesby doesn't shoot a ton of three pointers.

"I prefer driving in mostly. Threes aren't my strong suit, but I like shooting from out there too."

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