LeFlore County EMS Provides ‘Stop The Bleed’ Kits To Local Schools

LEFLORE COUNTY, Okla.—County EMS workers distributed "Stop the Bleed" kits to schools across the area on Friday (Feb. 8).

"Stop the Bleed" kits help prevent traumatic bleeding while patients wait for paramedics to arrive at the scene.

LeFlore County EMS Director Jeff Fishel said that the kits help give the patient more time so EMS can help them.

"If you hit an artery they can bleed out in three to five minutes," said Fishel. "In most cases in the U.S., that's not enough time for EMS to get there. We wanted to be able to put something easy in the hands of everyday people to control bleeding and save a life until EMS can arrive."

The kits were provided with help from donations across the community totaling over $10,000.

School staff will be trained on how to use the kits.

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