Springdale Student With Clubbed Feet Makes Final Layup

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SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KFSM) — One student who has undergone several surgeries got to play during the last basketball game of the season.

Jamarion Bradford is a 7th-grade student at Helen Tyson Middle School in Springdale. Due to having severely clubbed feet, he has had to undergo several surgeries.

Last Thursday (Feb. 7) Helen Tyson Middle School took on their rivals Helston Middle School for the final game of the season.

"First coach just looked at me and all the players on the sideline were like put him coach put him in put him in," Jamarion said.

With a minute and a half left in the game, Jamarion got to step on the court for the first time.

"I looked at him I looked around and said alright guys let's let Jamarion go in, Jamarion go get him," said Logan Bryant, Helen Tyson Middle School basketball coach.

After several attempts of Jamarion's teammates trying to get him the ball, a player from the other team passed it his way, leading Jamarion to score a basket with just seconds left.

"I passed it to him and he scored it and it was just a good environment and it was just a good feeling and a good choice," said Kreyton Carney, a Helston Middle School basketball player. "Even though we didn't win, it still felt like a win because of that."

Coach Bryant says this is what the game is all about.

"He shows up every day, he shows up to practice every day, he never hardly misses, he always wants to shoot around and he always wants to get out there and so for him to finally get out there and run with him everybody was just excited," Bryant said.

Jamarion says it was well worth the wait to get to play in the last game of the season with his teammates who he calls family.

"Like good job, I knew you could do it," said Jamarion.

The Hornets finished out the season with a winning record and Jamarion says he plans on playing with the team next year as well.

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