Kansas City Man Looking For Owners Of Dozens Of 1930s Letters Discovered In Savoy Hotel

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City metro man is hoping to track down the family of a woman who wrote dozens of letters in 1938.

Marcus Turner said he worked on a renovation crew that transformed the Savoy Hotel downtown. Turner said he made quite the find when he walked into the historic building one day in 2017.

"I was picking up trash in the demo area room, and I guess they had knocked the ceiling through. Letters just started falling from the ceiling," he said. "I picked it up to see what it was, and it's a bunch of letters."

The crew thinks that someone stored the letters in the floorboard of a room in the building. Each letter is addressed to "Dearest" or "Darling." A woman named Mary signed each letter.

"She's writing either her husband or boyfriend or somebody," Turner said. "Several of them saying her and the kids are doing well, she wishes he was here."

Turner is hoping someone will hear about the letters and help put him in touch with the family of the woman who wrote the letters or the man who received them. If he can't find the family, Turner hopes to find a museum that will take the letters to display.

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