VA Hospital Hosts ‘Salute To Veterans’ For Valentine’s Day

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) —  The Veterans Hospital reminded patients that they're loved with a salute to local veterans today (Feb. 14).

The VA says Valentine's Day is one of its biggest days to celebrate and honor veterans.

They say it gives them a chance to thank the veterans for their service and give them a Valentine's Day treat.

Community members, from the Sheriff's office to the University of Arkansas athletes, were invited to visit the patients. It's a big party the VA staff and patients look forward to every year. Kids from area schools also visited the veterans this morning.

"Some of them when they have received one of those handwritten cards from children are really touched by the personal messages written. Some of them are honored by the dignitaries that come because they've read about them in the paper and also seen them on tv and to have a chance to be thanked by them it's just really heartfelt," said James Shulfer, Voluntary Service Chief.

All 175 voluntary service programs across the country are passing out love this Valentine's Day and hundreds of cards from local schools were collected to pass out to the veterans.

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