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Lawmaker Wants To Make It Illegal To Drink Fresh Milk From Your Own Cow

(KATV)—A lawmaker in Tennessee has proposed a bill to remove language from state law that allows residents to consume unpasteurized milk from their own animals.

Currently, Tennessee residents can legally drink raw milk if they have “independent or partial ownership interest in any hooved mammal.”

But Tennessee State Senator Richard Briggs has proposed a bill to eliminate that raw milk exception from state law.

The bill wants to remove this section from state law:

“A person who is the sole owner of a hoofed mammal may use the milk from the animal for the owner’s personal consumption or other personal use. This section does not apply to a person who owns a partial interest in a hoofed mammal. This act shall take effect upon becoming a law, the public welfare requiring it.”

The legality of consuming raw milk means “herd shares” have been popping up in states where it’s legal.

Herdshares are private clubs where members can purchase a share of a single cow or a herd of cows so they can legally drink raw, fresh milk.

Drinking raw milk is legal at least in some form in 43 states.

If Briggs’ bill passes, Tennessee would join the seven states where it’s illegal to consume raw milk in any form.

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