Phoenix 10-Year-Old Delivers Care Packages To Homeless For His Birthday Party

PHOENIX (THV11) — Instead of asking for toys or video games for his birthday this year, Kaleb Carll asked his family and friends to bring deodorant, socks, blankets and non-perishable foods to his party.

Kaleb turned 10 years old on Saturday and invited family and friends to spend the day assembling care packages for the homeless.

According to his family, Kaleb started asking people to donate items last summer. On the day of his party, Kaleb had hundreds of items collected to include in the care packages.

Last year, Kaleb’s parents threw him a big party where he received gifts and money.

Kaleb’s mom, Mallory Chesebro told 12 News that shortly after his ninth birthday party, Kaleb asked her if he could give some of the money he had received to someone he saw on the street. She said Kaleb then had the idea to collect donations for his next birthday instead of asking for gifts.

Once the goods were assembled, Kaleb, his family and friends set out to personally deliver some care packages to people who needed them. Kaleb’s parents said they are donating the rest of the items to a charitable organization they see fit.

Chesebro says her fourth grader has always wanted to help the homeless. She says he gives people cash when he has it and has even asked if they could invite people in their home to shower.

“I just see people on the streets and it makes me sad, so I wanted to do this,” Kaleb told 12 News.

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