Basketbrawl: Fayetteville & Springdale Players Suspended After Fight Breaks Out During Game

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SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KFSM) — A fight broke out amongst players during the final seconds of the Fayetteville, Springdale High School basketball game on Friday (Feb. 15) night.

The Springdale Bulldogs hosted their rivals from Fayetteville.

After a missed shot, Fayetteville's Austin Garrett threw down Springdale's Tavari Eckwood, which caused players from both benches to storm the court. Garrett was charged with a flagrant foul, which is an automatic ejection.

"The ball came down with the Springdale player and our guy tackled him and then from there it was kind of crazy... and everybody just stormed the court," said Fayetteville student Max Moore.

The game was delayed more than 10 minutes after the fight as law enforcement and school officials tried to clear the floor of fans. Springdale won the game with a score of 50-46.

"Fortunately there were security officers right there. there was a student resource officer from Springdale and I believe there was one from Fayetteville and they got it calmed down pretty quickly," said Rick Schaeffer, Springdale School's Spokesman

Per high school basketball rules, any player who leaves the bench during an altercation is automatically ejected and subject to suspension.

Fayetteville has announced they will be without six players for Tuesday (Feb. 19) night's game.

The Arkansas Activities Association, which regulates high school sports within the state, accepted Springdale's appeal of seven players who didn't leave the bench. They will be able to play tonight.

"They only came off a couple steps and the coach immediately got them back so they never got anywhere near close to the scuffle," Schaeffer said.

Fayetteville school officials said they're still investigating and talking to the parties involved.

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