Police Warning Parents About Viral ’48-Hour Challenge’

(KFSM) — Police are warning parents about a new viral challenge that dares teens to go missing for 48 hours.

The "48-hour challenge" is not only scaring parents but it could be wasting valuable law enforcement resources.

The goal of the challenge is to have their picture put out on social media. The more likes and shares it gets, the more points the teen gets.

Once the 48 hours are over the kid goes back home safely.

Multiple officers are dispatched for a missing person report and police say this challenge is taking officers away from people who really need them.

The Morgan Nick Foundation provides a support network to parents and families of all missing children.

Genevie Strickland is the Director of Education for the Morgan Nick Foundation and says it's important for parents to talk to their kids about the potential dangers of challenges like this.

"Education is empowering to kids. It helps them make good and proper choices so use this as a catalyst to talk with them... to bring up those situations...talk about how they could handle them and what could go wrong if you do something like that, what could be a negative to doing something like that, or why would you do something like that, why would your friends do something like that," Stickland said. "So it's a great tool to use to talk to your kids and help prevent something like that from happening."

Teens who participate in the challenge can be criminally charged, police said.

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