‘I Need My Gefilte Fish!’: Man Finds Creative Way To Get Back At Scammer

FALL RIVER, Mass. (CNN) — A Massachusetts man found a creative way to put the kibosh on a potential scammer.

Aaron Saber posted a video online of his reaction to a scammer’s call from Feb. 3. A friend filmed while Saber flabbergasted the caller with urgent requests for a certain food order.

“I ordered a five-gallon tub of gefilte fish last week,” he says to the caller, who repeatedly tries to ask for Saber.

Gefilte fish is a traditional Yiddish dish of a variety of ground, poached fish with the bones removed.

When the caller asks if Aaron Saber is there, Saber responds with a whole travel itinerary. He tells the caller that sometimes he’s in Florida, but now he’s “here” for a bat mitzvah.

“You know, it’s bat mitzfah season, so I really need this gefilte fish soup to come in as soon as possible,” he tells the person on the phone.

Eventually, the person gives up, telling Saber he’s getting a supervisor and putting Saber on hold. The video ends with Saber telling his friend, “I can’t wait to get scammed.”

Let’s hope he also gets his gefilte fish.

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