Springdale Firefighters Warn Residents To Follow Burning Rules

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) — Springdale Fire Department personnel took to social media late Tuesday to warn residents about the consequences of not following the rules of burning.

A burn ban has been put into effect until further notice, the Springdale Fire Department announced late Tuesday.

Firefighters showed photos of private burns that got out of control on Tuesday.

“Today, there have been three outdoor fires resulting in roughly 16 acres burned in town,” firefighters said in a Facebook post. “One vehicle has been completely destroyed, two houses almost burned, and one house was effected [sic] by radiant heat causing an estimated $2,000 in damage to the siding.”

Firefighters said two of the endangered homes didn’t belong to the people who started the fires, which were intended to burn trash or yard waste.

Firefighters posted a link to the city’s municipal code listing the requirements for a burn within the city. The rules include:

  • A burn permit is required, and large burns may require a site inspection by the fire marshal’s office.
  • Fires must be kept small and must be 50 feet from any building.
  • A fire must be attended by a “competent person” at all times.
  • Fire control equipment must be available, such as a garden hose, fire extinguisher or heavy equipment, and anything other than water must be approved by the fire department.
  • Burning items that will create heavy black smoke is prohibited. Such items include shingles, rubber and building debris.
  • The fire must be completely extinguished by dark.
  • Gasoline may not be used to start the fire.

Those wanting more information on conducting a burn can call the Springdale Fire Department at (479) 751-4510.

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