To Help Get Them Adopted Together, Senior Dogs At Animal Shelter Are ‘Married’

AUGUSTA, Maine (KFSM) — The workers at a Maine animal shelter are hoping this little ditty about ‘Jack and Diane’ has a happy ending.

(Courtesy of the Kennebec Valley Humane Society)

Two senior mixed-breed dogs, dubbed Jack and Diane, were found together as strays at a cemetery a few months ago, according to our Denver affiliate KDVR. They are what’s known as a “bonded pair,” so the Kennebec Valley Humane Society (KVHS) is doing everything they can to get them adopted together.

To help in that endeavor, Jack and Diane just got “married.”

The shelter posted a photo from the ceremony, complete with a red carpet, a bridal veil for Diane, a bowtie collar for Jack and a “Just Married” sign at the altar. The image posted by the KVHS shows Jack enjoying the rose petals being thrown in their honor.

The adoption fee for the newlyweds has been sponsored, but they do come with the restrictions of no other pets and no children in the home.

A KVHS employee explained in a Facebook comment that the restrictions were placed because the dogs are older and prefer not to be disturbed when resting or lounging, “which proved to be an issue when living with younger children previously.”

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