Traffic Stop Leads To Second Largest Seizure of Fentanyl In Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFSM) — A traffic stop in Oklahoma led to the second largest seizure of Fentanyl in Oklahoma state history, according to police.

On Feb. 4, officers stopped a truck that was hauling several cars for a traffic violation on west I-40.

Police say one of the cars on the trailer caught the attention of the officer making the stop so they proceeded to examine the car's documents.

After reviewing the documents, the officer became more suspicious of the reason why the vehicle was being transported across the country.

The truck driver granted the officer permission to search the car where they found two large compartments concealed inside the vehicle. Inside of the compartments, they found 67 total pounds of narcotics.

Police found 43 pounds of crystal methamphetamine, five pounds of brown heroin and 19 pounds of fentanyl. Police say the fentanyl contained xylazine, which is a sedative used by veterinarians to subdue large animals.

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