Bentonville Police: Thief Targeting Cars At Area Daycares And Preschools

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — Police are saying that parents at several Bentonville daycare centers have become the targets of thieves during early morning drop-offs.

Police say these break-ins happened Thursday (Feb. 28) within a 30 minute period at four separate daycares in the area.

The daycares include Little Einstein, Stepping Stone, La Petite and Bright Beginnings.

Police believe there are multiple suspects involved in the break-ins. They say the thieves stole purses and other valuables from the vehicles as parents went inside to drop their children off for the day.

Police say one of the suspects used a credit card that was stolen from one of the vehicles at a store in Bella Vista.

According to police, the suspects would enter unlocked cars or break windows to steal the items.

Authorities say the thieves were able to take advantage of distracted parents during this time because of the morning rush to get to work.

Sergeant Gene Page with the Bentonville Police says even though it can be tempting during the winter time, you shouldn't leave your car running or unlocked if at all possible.

"This happens so fast and you're already at a disadvantage because you're in a hurry. You're fighting traffic trying to get across town you finally get to that place you are trying to drop your child off to," Srgt. Page said. "Getting out of the vehicle you're protecting your child, you're going in for just a minute or a few seconds to drop them off... thieves know that and they are taking advantage of you being distracted."

Multiple daycares and pre-schools in the area say they have notified parents of the break-ins and are taking extra precautions to avoid any more.

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