Brutal Cold Behind Today’s Snow

Now that the snow has stopped falling, the big weather story is the extreme cold headed our way tomorrow. Wind chills tomorrow morning will be near zero. With snow/ice still on the ground, the roads may still be slick. Temperatures stay cold for NW Arkansas today and are above freezing in the River Valley. The cold air marches in later tonight.

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS: Temperatures stay below freezing all day and overnight. This will cause any slush or snow on the roads to freeze. Black ice could be a concern tomorrow morning.

RIVER VALLEY: Temperatures stay above freezing during the day. Overnight, we drop below freezing. No winter weather is expected in the River Valley, except for higher elevations.

Bitterly cold air temperatures move in from the northwest starting this afternoon. Our temperatures continue to drop to single-digits and teens tomorrow morning. With breezy conditions, it’ll likely feel closer to zero degrees.


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