‘So Cute, So Playful:’ WI Humane Society Seeks Extra Special Home For Blind, Deaf Puppy

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (FOX6) — Kazoo looks like and plays like your normal 11-month-old puppy. He’s so active that he’s notorious for his energy. The young pup is having a hard time finding the right home because he’s both blind and deaf.

“Everyone has that reaction — oh, he’s so cute, he’s so playful,” said Joe Sinicki, adoption counselor. “But they’re just not ready to take on the responsibility.”

A normal dog’s stay at the shelter averages a day and a half. Kazoo was surrendered about a month ago and has been at the Wisconsin Humane Society ever since.

“It could take some extra work,” explained Sinicki. “You can’t use hand signals, you can’t use commands.”

Sinicki thinks Kazoo’s conditions are making it difficult to find the right home, explaining he’ll take some time and patience to train.

“He doesn’t do well with other dogs — he gets stressed out and very excited,” said Sinicki.

But it’s obvious Kazoo doesn’t let his lack of senses get in his way.

“He plays and runs around, finds toys with a sense of smell,” said Sinicki. “He’s definitely an 11-month-old puppy.”

The Humane Society believes Kazoo was probably born blind and deaf — and while he continues to win the hearts of those at the Humane Society, he’s looking for a chance to win yours, too. The Wisconsin Humane Society has dropped Kazoo’s adoption fees to $25 in hopes he’ll find the right home soon. You can find Kazoo’s online adoption profile HERE.

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