SWEPCO Warns Of Scam Targeting Customers

(KFSM) — Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) is warning of a scam targeting its customers.

The company says that it has received reports of people posing as SWEPCO representatives and threatening customers to disconnect their services unless they make immediate payments.

Typically the scammers want these payments in a non-traceable form such as a prepaid card.

"These scammers are targeting vulnerable groups of people, including seniors, non-native English speakers, and small business owners,” said Karen Wissing, SWEPCO spokesperson.

Wissing says if you think you have been contacted by a scammer to hang up the phone immediately, delete the email or shut the door. She says you can verify the status of your account by using the SWEPCO app, logging into SWEPCO.com or by calling the company directly at 1-888-216-3523.

According to Wissing, SWEPCO employees do not contact customers and demand immediate payment.

Wissing says if someone approaches you in person, ask to see a SWEPCO ID badge.

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