700 Dogs Rescued From Puppy Mill, Operator Arrested

Georgia (CBS) – A Georgia man who runs a licensed pet breeding business was arrested after authorities found hundreds of dogs –– most of them puppies –– in “inhumane” conditions, local police said Thursday. Reason Craig Gray, 58, of Nashville was jailed pending charges for the cruel treatment of these dogs and obstruction, according to the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office.

Gray, who operates a massive kennel called “Georgia Puppies” in his home, was handcuffed a week after the Georgia Department of Agriculture completed an inspection of his business and notified the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office. Gray had voluntarily surrendered more than 630 dogs last week, but he admitted to bringing them back on his property a day or two later, police said.

On Thursday, investigators obtained a search warrant and executed it with animal control nearby. Berrien Sheriff Ray Paulk said an additional 85 dogs were rescued from the so-called puppy mill.

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