New Law Redefines What Is Considered An Antique Car In Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) — A new bill in Arkansas aims to redefine what the state considers an antique car.

Act 368 changes the states current laws concerning antique cars license plates.

Jack Fortner, the State Representative behind the law, says it's a necessary improvement. He says he wanted to extend the age range of what qualifies as an antique car from 25 to 45 years old.

"I wanted to make it more fair and equitable. We all pay registration, we all are required to have insurance on our car and we register every year. This is the only tag in the state of Arkansas that is not renewed," Fortner said.

Any car that is 25 years old or older used to qualify for an antique license plate, which requires a one time $7 registration fee. Now the age threshold is doubled.

Provisions in the law now also require antique tag holders to also own and register another vehicle that should be used as their main mode of transportation.

Fortner believes there are many people who register an old vehicle to only have to pay to register one time.

"A part of the bill that has been there since the beginning was that you’re required to show insurance and registration and ownership on a primary vehicle that you agree to drive as your daily transportation," Fortner said.

Fortner says what the state law currently says, in his opinion does not define what an antique car should be.

"What this bill is to honor the content of the original bill which was written in 1957 and it was at the time the wording said to honor the collector car and hobbyist and that's why they did it," Fortner said.

Car enthusiast Robert Wintercorn explains why he is frustrated with this bill.

"These cars are high maintenance. If you do drive them to work every day it's not going to last you’re going to get a week or two out of it and something is going to go wrong. It's a 25-year-old car, they don’t sell parts of them anymore, it takes work to keep up with these cars," Wintercorn said.

Luckily for Wintercorn, his 1983 Porshe 911 SC is grandfathered in. That may not be the case for any cars he plans to purchase in the future though.

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