Proposed Bill Would Eliminate Gun-Free Zones In Arkansas

(THV11) — State Representative Richard Womack has filed legislation that would eliminate gun-free zones in Arkansas.

The proposed bill would remove gun-free zones at K-12 schools, school buses, school bus stops, private and public colleges and universities, publicly owned buildings or facilities, the Arkansas State Capitol and the Arkansas Justice Building.

"The intent of this act is to provide for the safety of the public by eliminating gun-free zones," the proposed bill states.

The bill would allow a person to carry a firearm, "in a publicly owned, leased, or rented building or facility, on public land, on a public roadway, and on a public sidewalk."

A person would still be prohibited from carrying a firearm into a courtroom, places where it's prohibited by federal law, a sporting event at a college or university, the Arkansas State Hospital, the campus of UAMS or facilities operated by the Department of Correction, the Department of Community Correction, the Division of Youth Services or a county jail.

Law enforcement, officers of the court, bailiffs or other people authorized by the court are allowed to carry a handgun into the courtroom or courthouse in the state.

The proposed changes do not apply to a private landowner, who can choose to allow or prohibit firearms on their private property.

The bill has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee.

Click here to read the full bill.

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