Attempted Robbers Chased Away By Alarm At Gravette Pharmacy

GRAVETTE, Ark. (KFSM) — An attempted break-in at a local drug store early Monday (March 18) morning was caught on camera.

The owner of Teasley Drug Store in Gravette says two men were caught on surveillance cameras cutting wires they thought would deactivate the camera system, but instead cut the store's cable and phone lines, making it impossible for customers to get their medications for the majority of today.

"It’s been bad for our customers in the sense of they weren’t able to get ahold of us, the physician’s office weren’t able to get ahold of us, we weren’t able to process scripts or communicate with any insurance of any kind," said Ryan Watford, co-owner of Teasley.

Watford says they struggled to get medications to their customers all morning, but by midday, everything was back up and running.

In the surveillance video, two men dressed in black with bandanas around their faces slowly made their way toward the back of the store. They can be seen cutting the lines and then attempting to break in with a crowbar, sounding the alarm. They then took off running.

Gravette Police arrive on the scene within minutes of the alarm going off.

"The on-duty officer heard a sound of an alarm approximately a block away from where he was stationed," said Gravette Police Captain Chris Kelley. "He responded to the sound of the alarm and while in route approximately one minute later he was advised by our dispatch center that there was an alarm at Teasley's drug store."

Watford says this isn't the first time someone has tried to break into their store.

"This is the second time we’ve had this happen within the last eight months where somebody has broken into our pharmacy this case luckily they didn’t get in but in the previous instance they did get in but the good thing is we have a lot of cameras and a good security system that let us know," Watford said.

The owner says they will be adding additional lighting and cameras around their store to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Right now police say they do not have any leads on who the two suspects are.

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