Gravette High School Replacing Light Poles At Football Stadium After One Falls Due To Strong Winds

GRAVETTE, Ark. (KFSM) — Heavy winds sent a light pole crashing to the ground at the Gravette High School football stadium last week and the school just announced it will now be replacing the rest of the light poles.

After having all of the light poles inspected, the district says that they are all damaged.

Athletic Director Norman Mitchell says since the incident happened on March 13, the stadium has been locked up and the area around the broken light pole has been fenced off.

"It's one of our biggest concerns and the only way that it's safe out there is to get them to the ground," Mitchell said. "Quicker we get them to the ground, we eliminate that possibility. So we're working as quickly as we can."

The Gravette track team did practice at the stadium. The district says that during spring break, the team will more than likely meet at Bentonville West.

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