Arkansas Couple Rescued From Viking Sky Cruise Ship Off Norway Coast

Rescue are continuing efforts to recuse passengers stranded on a cruise ship off the coast of Norway.

The ship ran into trouble during a storm with 1,300 people on board, including two couples from Arkansas.

When Dr. Gary Collins and his wife Leslie boarded the Viking Sky with their friends Denny and Karen Ferra, they never expected a storm.

The Ferra’s celebrated their anniversary on Friday on board the ship. Collins said the couples set out to check an item off their bucket list.

“We were actually there to see the Northern Lights,” Collins said.

As the ship approached Norway it was caught in a powerful storm with 30-foot waves and winds over 40 mph.

“I can’t imagine the captain would have come through this area with those kinds of waves if he had known the would be like that,” Collins said.

Passengers on the ship struggled to hang on as they tried to make it to the muster zones.

Collins said he and other passengers started to worry that the ship might run aground, remembering the tragedy on board the Costa Concordia where 32 people died in that cruise ship accident.

Without any engines, the powerful storm pushed the ship within a mile and half of the shore.

Collins said the crew has been professional and calm during the ordeal and says that the storm seemed to come from nowhere.

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