“I think it’s important to represent pit bulls because they don’t get the rep that they should. A lot of people see them as an angry type breed, when really they need help just as much as anyone else,” he said.

Lisa Thrasher said this tattoo means the most to her. She wants to see other people become more open towards the breed.

“If they’re raised to fight, they’re going to fight and it is how they’re raised. I think that if they were raised gently and raised like my spoiled brats…it’d be totally different,” she said.

Griffith says he hopes to see more people help save pit bulls.

“I would say give back in any way that you can. If there’s something to where you can help somebody else or help others then do so, especially if it includes getting a cool tattoo along with it,” Griffith said.

Empire of Ink also has several Pit bull tattoo options and other ways for people to donate. The event goes until Saturday, March 30.