Fayetteville Lawmaker Files 3 Gun Safety Bills

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — Fayetteville lawmaker Denise Garner has filed three gun safety bills for the Arkansas legislation members to decided on.

One of the bills filed by Garner would allow colleges and university governing boards to decided on whether to allow concealed weapons on campus. It would also prohibit storage or possession of a handgun in student housing.

Another proposed bill would provide for universal background checks before sale or transfer of a firearm.

The third bill would require the use of a "restraint holster" by those who carry a handgun.

"Only 10 percent of Arkansans want more stringent gun laws. I'm part of that 90 percent. I think we need to look at some of the things we are doing and tighten them up a little bit. Just fix what we're doing, so the safety is the first thing we're thinking about," Garner said.

Some Republican state legislators in Arkansas say they plan to file bills to expand the rights of gun owners.

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