ATVs Now Allowed To Drive Through Winslow

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WINSLOW, Ark. (KFSM) — You can now legally drive all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), like four-wheelers through a local scenic town.

"100 to 500 people coming through Winslow. Stopping buying fuel, eating at the local establishment and restaurants," said Robert Blake, President of Off-Highway Visions.

Blake brought this idea to the Winslow City Council, and they loved it.

"We think it's going to benefit the merchants, we want to see them succeed and prosper," said Winslow Mayor, Charles Dwyer. "We think this is something that would promote tourism and kinda help put Winslow on the map."

Winslow sits halfway between Mill Creek and Buckhorn Trails. This ordinance will give riders the ability to access the trail system in a quicker and more relaxed manner.

Local businesses agree that it's time to allow ATVs to have access to the roads.

"I've always disagreed with keeping the four-wheelers off the street," said Winslow business owner Sandra Burton. "We let bicycles and people who walk around on the streets, they should have equal access."

Mayor Dwyer says safety is always a primary concern especially when young kids get behind the wheel, and with this new law comes with strings attached.

"When the city passed the ordinance we required protective gear and helmets," Dwyer said. "They have to abide by all of the road rules as far as stopping for stop signs and speed limits. All the things they still have to abide by are part of the rules and regulations that are already in place."

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