‘Sanctuary Cities’ Bill Fails Before Arkansas House Panel

Migrant rights groups hold candles during a vigil to protest against US President Donald Trump’s new crackdown on “sanctuary cities”, outside the City Hall in Los Angeles on January 25, 2017.
Some 300 such cities, counties or states — from New York to Los Angeles — exist throughout the United States, and many of them have vowed since Trump’s election to protect the estimated 11 million undocumented migrants living in the country.
/ AFP / Mark RALSTON (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

LITTLE ROCK (AP) — A proposal to ban “sanctuary cities” in Arkansas and cut off their state funding has failed before a House panel.

The proposal to prohibit cities from refusing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities failed before the House City, County and Local Affairs Committee by a 9-4 vote Monday. The measure needed 11 votes to advance to the full House.

The Senate-backed measure would also have prohibited cities from preventing local law enforcement from asking about someone’s citizenship or immigration status.

The vote came after Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson said he wanted a change in the legislation to ensure there wasn’t an opportunity for racial profiling.

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