Today’s Weather Is Making Your Allergies Worse

With everything blooming and green on the trees, allergies are in full swing in Arkansas. But, the current weather conditions are actually making these allergies worse. Tree pollen is high today, and will be for the rest of the week. Ragweed pollen is also becoming more bothersome.

Although it’s been warm outside, we’ve had northerly winds. This is continuing to bring in dry air, rather than humid air. The breezy conditions also cause the pollen to fly around more than usual.

Dewpoints are relatively dry because of the northerly winds. Pollen moves through the air better when the air is dry. Moist air will keep the pollen closer to the ground.

Rainy days help to lower the pollen count and help your allergies out. Unfortunately, we might only see a few showers and storms Wednesday night. After that, we won’t see rain until the weekend.


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