Crews Respond To Several Brush Fires In Crawford County

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CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM) — Rural fire crews, and the Arkansas Forestry Service, were called in to battle several grass fires in Crawford County Wednesday (April 10).

A fire north of Cedarville in rural Crawford County was just one of many grass fires crews were called to battle.

Three days ago, a landowner says he was burning off some land. Fire crews say that fire should have put itself out but it kicked back up Wednesday because the humidity is unseasonably low and the winds are extremely high.

"We would build a line around the fire, but with this wind, it would jump it," Crawford County firefighter Darren Langley said.

Before and while the fire north of Crawford County was burning fiercely, several other grass fires were happening at the same time.

Even though the area has seen lots of rain lately, crews 5NEWS spoke with say it doesn't matter.

"The rain isn't all there is to it. The humidity plays a big part. The water will evaporate quickly when the humidity is low," volunteer firefighter Alicia Brenton says.

After batting a fire west of Chester, the Arkansas Forestry Service came to help build a line around the one north of Cedarville.

Crews told 5NEWS with Wednesday's weather conditions they're now waiting to see where they'll be called to next.

"There's been fires all day, all over the county," Langley said.

While some of the fires are still smoke, emergency crews do believe they have them under control. They say the fires across Crawford County on Wednesday have burned about 20 acres thus far.

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