Bentonville Airport Geese Undeterred By Laser, Fake Coyote

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (AP) — Officials at Bentonville’s municipal airport are exploring more options to scare off geese after a laser and a fake coyote failed to do the trick.

The airport says the geese pose a safety risk to pilots and passengers. Initially, officials considered killing the geese, but they opted for non-lethal methods instead.

Airport transportation director Dennis Birge says workers have tried shining a $700 laser at the geese to make them fly away, but it hasn’t scared them. Birge tells the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that a decoy coyote has been slightly more effective, but it can’t be left in one place for too long because the geese grow accustomed to it.

The airport says it’s now considering using a trained dog or falcon to scare off the geese.

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