Fort Smith Assisted Living Center Caters To Those With Alzheimer’s

FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) — A new assisted living center is now open after three years, and it's like no other in the area.

The new Methodist Village Assisted Living Center is all about making its clients feel like family and making them feel like they're at home.

"My grandmother had Alzheimer's and when we were putting this together, I wanted everything I could that would have made her happy and make other people happy and so we have the grocery stores, we have the farmers market we have the barn... things they can remember as to what it was like when they were growing up," said Methodist Village CEO Melissa Curry.

The facility includes a one of a kind Alzheimer's wing that is designed to trigger past memories and accommodate the clients and their families. The wing also includes an old fashioned farmers market.

There is a ceiling that mirrors a sky in the farmers market to give clients the illusion of being outside.

"They love the sky," Curry said. "If it's raining outside and they're not able to go outside we anticipate them to be here, it kind of gives that illusion of being outdoors."

The kitchen brings back the old-timey feel with vintage appliances.

"We put everything back to maybe how they would have it," Curry said.

Each clients rooms is catered specifically to the individual.

"They have a little kitchen table area, a living room area and we want them to bring their own stuff, whatever they're used to," Curry said.

Curry said the facility is designed to not only be a secure environment for the clients but to also evoke nostalgia.

"Someone that has Alzheimer's or related dementia, one of their tendencies is to wander, and that's really going back to the place where they are in their minds," Curry said. "Sometimes it's not safe for them to live at home, so we've created a protective environment so they can wander, they can go outside anytime they want because it's all secure."

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