Ozark Walmart Accused Of Falsely Advertising Appearance By Wrestler Bushwhacker Luke

OZARK, Ark. (KFSM) — A brawl is brewing between a local Walmart and Hall of Fame wrestler Bushwhacker Luke.

Fans claim that a Walmart in Ozark falsely advertised the wrestler would make an appearance at the store to help raise money for veterans, but Bushwhacker says knew nothing about it.

"A friend of mine who is a promoter in Arkansas text me the poster for Ozark Walmart May the third from 11 to 5 p.m. or whatever and I have never heard about the booking," Bushwhacker said. "I’m already booked elsewhere in the country on that weekend so that’s how I know. It would’ve been in my book."

The post has since been taken down and Walmart says the event is no longer taking place.

"I think it’s the same guy from Louisiana, he does these scams," Bushwhacker said. "I spoke to them at the Walmart and told them who I was and said you can look me up at Clearwater Beach Fitness and see that I'm the genuine Bushwhacker."

He added that this isn't a shock to him because it's an easy way for promoters to make money.

"He gets a booking fee, plus he gets transportation and hotel," Bushwhacker said. "The agents usually book the hotel, the airfare and get a deposit and of course a percentage."

Bushwhacker wants his fans to know that if an event is not posted on his social media pages, then it is not a real event.

"Please check my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to see if it is genuine. If it’s not posted on any of that you know I’m not there," Bushwhacker said.

5NEWS has reached out to Walmart and while they would not provide a written statement, they expressed over the phone that a third party attempted to coordinate this and they apologize for the inconvenience.

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