Fayetteville Students Make 3D Printed Arm For Young Boy

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — A boy from Fayetteville is taking off on a new adventure he never thought possible.

One of 8-year-old Benjamin Travis' arms didn't fully develop and he was left with a nub, making it hard for him to ride a bike. That was until some Fayetteville High School students stepped in to help by making him a 3D printed arm.

"I really enjoy having a new arm," Benjamin said.

"He’s played soccer and swims on a competitive team. He plays baseball and basketball has just thrived in everything," said his mom Kacie.

Kacie says the birth defect left Benjamin unable to ride a bike.

"When came time to learn to ride a bike, was the first time we found any sort of frustration and disappointment in not being able to do it," Kacie said.

Kacie is a Fayetteville High School Teacher and had an idea. She asked two students for help, Bradshaw Cate and Jane Ballenger, who were enrolled in an engineering class at FHS.

"So the first day we started the designs we looked on google to get ideas," Cate said. "So we segmented the arm into three parts. Okay, we want to do this for this part, this for this part and this for this part."

After six or seven failed attempts, these students came up with a 3D printed attachment that helps Ben Steer and grip his bike.

"I feel happy and glad that they helped me I really enjoy having my new arm and making two new friends," Ben said.

New friends, and new smiles.

"Seeing his face light up to be able to have a new cool attachment, just warms everyone’s heart, not just mine," Kacie said.

Both students say they're interested in engineering careers.

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