Josh Mahony Announces Bid To Challenge Sen. Tom Cotton In 2020

(KTHV) — Josh Mahony has announced his Democratic bid to challenge U.S. Senator Tom Cotton in the 2020 election.

Mahony announced on Twitter Wednesday morning, asking people to join him “in standing up to Tom Cotton.”

“I’m going to beat Tom Cotton, and I’m going to look out for the people of this state; not sell them out the second I get inside the beltway,” Mahony said.

Mahony also said he was “never going to put Mitch McConnell over Maumelle like Tom Cotton has.”

In a tweet thread, Mahony said he was angry that “18,000 people in my state have lost their health insurance” and that “thousands more are being threatened by people like Tom Cotton who don’t give a damn if people live or die.”

Cotton has been a part of the United States Senate since defeating former Senator Mark Pryor in 2014.

In 2018, Mahony challenged U.S. Rep. Steven Womack for the 3rd Congressional District but lost with only 32.6% of the vote.

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