John Daly Swears Off Walmart In Twitter Rant

ARKANSAS (KFSM) β€”Two distinguished Arkansas fixtures, John Daly and Walmart, don’t seem to be mixing well.

On Twitter Tuesday (April 30), the highly recognized golfer said: “I will never step foot into #Walmart again!”

His complaints included:

  1. There was only one checkout line.
  2. The staff was lazy.
  3. He had to self-checkout with a hundred items.

Daly hasn’t always been down on the world’s largest superstore. In the past, Walmart carried Daly’s golf ball line, apparel and video game. In 2013 Daly said he preferred Walmart over rival Target.

Walmart did respond back on Twitter over the accusations.

The 53-year-old Dardanelle native is known for his attitude and non-country club appearance on the PGA Tour.

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